Project Overview.

This new build terminal building was designed to accommodate larger cruise ships and to allow over 6,000 passengers to disembark and embark within a day.

About the project.

Construction comprises a steel frame structure on piled foundations which supports the roof. The roof is formed of curved 1400mm deep glulam beams at 1500mm centres supporting a timber deck. The roof curves in both directions by using varying curved profiles to the beams and is generally left exposed as the visible ceiling within the terminal.

Other internal finishes vary from the relatively industrial and robust areas such as the Baggage Hall, to an ‘Airport’ feel to the lounges.

One of the main challenges was the fact that the building will operate intermittently (only when a Cruise Ship is in Port), so it must be capable of long dormant periods and then quickly achieve full operating conditions.

The need to be able to address passenger flows without interruption has also resulted in systems which have a significant degree of redundancy and resilience built in. This is to ensure that if there was a power failure or breakdown, the terminal can continue to operate and process the passengers.