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Supply Chain.

Brymor appreciate the value of building and maintaining relationships with an approved robust supply chain of preferred subcontractors and suppliers. We adopt a strategic, measurable approach when selecting our supply chain partners.

Our supply chain

Working together to create effective business relationships.

Management of our supply chain is centred on the collaboration of all parties to enable the development of long-term healthy relationships that will offer our clients exceptional value, quality and performance. Our aspiration is for these relationships to help continuously improve Brymor by raising levels of performance in all aspects of our business, including SHE, quality and excellent delivery.

This can only be achieved by working together as a team and harnessing the expertise, innovation and value creation our like-minded supply chain will provide. To facilitate our approach we use a performance-related feedback system which enables us to monitor, inform and collaborate the performance, resources, SHE compliance and commercial approach of our selected supply chain partners.

We are strong advocates of buying locally where possible and appreciate that we play an important part in the local economy and employment market. Using our Supply Chain Management software we are able to accurately demonstrate the value of our local spend, which we understand is an important consideration for our clients.