About the project.

Refurbishment of Blocks A and B at the Montefiore Student Halls of Residence on the University of Southampton’s Wessex Lane Halls Complex, delivered through an enabling and subsequent main contract.

The enabling works entailed the soft strip and non-structural demolition along with extensive asbestos removal.

The new main works, forming a high specification five-storey student housing facility, comprised stripping back the existing façade and roof to reveal the existing five-storey concrete
frame, extensive structural alterations and remodelling to form 260 bedrooms, 118 bathrooms, 30 kitchens and auxiliary rooms.

All windows and curtain walling were removed to make way for new full height glazed units with timber shading fixed to the face, allowing for improved passive ventilation throughout both Blocks.

The full internal refurbishment of both Blocks included all new mechanical & electrical plant and services.

In addition, a DDA garden for the students was developed and incorporated resin footpaths together with table tennis, BBQ and seating areas.

During the works, we also enhanced the area for the local wildlife, with selective planting and purpose-built housing for
birds, hedgehogs and bugs.

Finally, as part of the project, Brymor provided a turnkey furniture, fixtures and equipment option ensuring an easy transition for the University following completion.