Project Overview.

This scheme comprises of a single floor, 7m high extension to an existing occupied factory.

About the Project.

It is sited in an area of the existing car park and requires the removal of existing hard landscaping, along with bike and smoking shelters. There is also existing ventilation ducting to
be re-routed and a section of glazing to be removed and replaced with cladding.

The new structure is to be tied into the existing steel frame and will require openings cut in the existing cladding, to allow the connections to be made and for accurate setting out of the extension. The extension is set back by 2m from the Western boundary, so that it is effectively a 40m x 25m rectangle with an 11m x 10m section in the North West corner omitted.

Construction consists of 20 No. mass concrete pad foundations cast with holding down bolts, onto which the single-storey steel frame is bolted to. The walls are clad to provide a
consistent height to all elevations and the roof is constructed with two different levels with the lower level adjoining the existing factory.

Walls are a built-up cladding system consisting of galvanised steel liner sheet, glass-fibre insulation quilt with a galvanised trapezoidal profiled top sheet with the Southern elevation
incorporating a brick plinth. The roof is similarly built up and includes roof lights to provide natural lighting.

Internally, the extension has self-finished liner sheets, a sealed power floated concrete floor and is left as an open space, except for a small plant room in the South East corner, which
gets connected into the existing building.

Minimal mechanical and electrical works are to be undertaken with it left for tenant fit out.

External areas complete the project with drainage alterations and the car parking reinstated to suit the new layout. A service ramp is to be constructed to allow access from the service yard on the North elevation.