Project overview.

The Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Race Track Revival project consisted of work to the Flight Shed and Bellman Hanger.


About the project.

The Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Race Track Revival project consists of:

Flight Shed

Construction of a new two-storey flight shed of steel frame construction, insulated roof and wall sheeting fixed to the new repetition frame with cladding rails and purlins. The new building was built on top of new concrete pads with a reinforced ground bearing slab. The upper level is supported on steel columns with a reinforced concrete deck.

Internally the ground floor was been segregated with block work walls creating work shop, storage and toilet facilities. Mechanical and electrical distribution.

Access is via steel doors, the upper level by hangar-style doors via a link bridge via the Finishing Straight.

Bellman Hanger

The works consisted the careful removal of the existing services, controlled clearance of asbestos, careful deconstruction of the listed hangar that was sent off site for refurbishment. The refurbished hangar was returned to site and re-erected in a new location on a new foundations and concrete slab.

A new mezzanine structure was constructed and accessed via new stairs and hydraulic passenger lift.

Finishing Straight

The rejuvenation of the concrete to the listed monument, ‘Finishing Straight’ involved identifying the affected areas to be reinstated in a sympathetic manner to an agreed finish. An approved methodology was vital to minimise disturbing this historic monument any more than was required.