Our Safety, Health and Environmental EthosSHEQ

At Brymor we pride ourselves on our ability to protect the environment and ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce, clients and members of the public during construction work.

We achieve this by proactively working and communicating with stakeholders to develop progressive and innovative ideas to best suit the needs of all parties whilst maintaining the highest standards of assurance, an ethos that is echoed throughout our bsafe, bgreen, bexcellent campaign.


As a result of our drive for continual improvement, Brymor achieved the following:

  • Achieved OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 accreditations with the British Standards Institute demonstrating our commitment to Safety, Health and the Environment, and to continual improvement
  • Awarded the British Safety Council International Safety Award 2014 for the 10th successive year
  • No RIDDOR reportable incidents occurred at our work locations throughout 2013. This includes subcontractors as well as our direct workforce
  • Accidents reduced by 22% overall despite a 5% rise in man hours from the previous year
  • The introduction and promotion of our ‘Take Control’ scheme for reporting of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions improved the ownership of SHE throughout the workforce, and as a result near miss reporting was up 120% on the previous year
  • 78% of all waste generated was diverted from landfill

brymor_07What are currently doing to improve?

We are always striving to improve our safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance, and our senior management team work closely with our dedicated internal SHE department to develop an annual SHE improvement plan aimed at continual improving upon our previous performance, our objectives and targets can be viewed in our attached annual plan extract.

  • Continuing with our schemes from the previous year such as ‘Take Control’ reporting, directors safety tours, visiting managers safety tours,  and toolbox talks, with further emphasis on environment throughout 2014
  • In addition to our SHE working group, we will be implementing site based monthly SHE consultation meetings for all projects with a value greater than £500,000, with the aim of empowering the entire workforce to be involved in improving our SHE performance
  • Promotion of safe behaviours throughout the workforce
  • Actively working with our supply chain to ensure they are achieving the SHE standards set by Brymor and our clients
  • Seeking ways to improve waste diverted from landfill and working towards an overall diversion rate of 85%

SHE Documents