Quality & Customer Care

Quality & Customer Care

Brymor are committed to Quality Assurance, principally through the specific quality control procedures that we adopt and by the overall high standard of workmanship at all times. We are accredited with the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2008 which enables us to continuously improve all aspects of the business and focus on ensuring we meet customer requirements and provide excellent customer care.

customercare_pageOur quality philosophy centres around the belief that our clients requirements lie with each and every person within the organisation and all staff are responsible for the service we deliver.

We employ a full time Quality Manager, Lisa Gurney, to ensure compliance and efficiency from the inception through to the final product.

To ensure that we continually provide excellent customer service and deliver a quality product, all sites and office staff are regularly audited, and the frequency is dependant on the importance of the activity and results from previous audits. We also ensure that all staff receive ongoing training which in turn ensures that the quality of the staff reflects in the quality of the product we deliver.

Our accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 is independently verified by BSI twice a year to ensure that all practices are met and all aspects of the business are compliant.

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In addition to our full time Quality Manager we also employ a full time Customer Care Manager, Darren Albury, and customer feedback is regularly collected and any corrective actions are filtered through to the quality department to ensure we continuously improve and learn from the feedback. The lessons learnt can then be implemented through the entire business and ultimately become preventive actions.

The quality department set KPI’s for the business with regards to customer satisfaction. These results are then collated and used to help improve the service we provide.