Excellent Delivery – Our Promise

Excellent Delivery – Our Promise

excellent_logoExcellent Delivery underpins our vision to be the best family owned building contractor in the South by continuously improving the service we provide to our customers.

It’s about behaviours we expect within our business based around our values and a common set of principals we apply to everyone and everything we do.

It’s about building strong relationships built on trust by consistently delivering on our commitments to our customers; it’s what we do and how we do it.

Our Philosophy

Excellent Delivery: A positive attitude to provide excellent customer service and continuous improvement with our business for the benefit of our customers, staff and supply chain.

Through market research, and reacting to client feedback we have identified four customer commitments by which we measure Excellent Delivery. These commitments apply to both internal and external customers. Our commitments allow us to indentify clear goals to consistently deliver, On Time, Snag Free, with O & M manuals issued at PC so we continuously Delight our Clients.

Our Customer Commitments


We strive to be the best; a company that has the ability to provide a flexible and personal approach to projects resulting in a positive experience for all involved. We take pride in what we do and how we do it and will constantly look for new ways to improve and exceed expectations for the benefit of our customer, staff and supply chain.